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Contact and other important information

How to contact me by e-mail: tx.qtpies@gmail.com

Text or call: 713-419-9673 (Cheryl Heller)

Information about making a Devon Rex kitten part of your family:

Thank you for your interest in making one of our Devon Rex kittens an addition to your family.

PRICE is $2000 for each kitten which includes all dewormings vet visits and shots up to and including their three month shots,
as well as spaying/neutering of your kitten and having them microchipped. 
Plus, it also includes lots and lots of tender loving care and socialization so they are really ready for their forever homes.

GUARANTEE:  All my queens and the sires I use have been DNA'd and are all free of any genetic problems.  However, all kittens carry
a guarantee to be free of any genetic defects for the first year as any genetic defects will have shown up by then.  I do have a
12 month replacement guarantee against losing your kitten to anything generic.  An autoposy by a licensed veterinarian stating
 cause of death including a phone number of the veterinarian is needed if any questions need to be answered.

DEPOSIT: a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Serious inquiries only please.
We accept PayPal (tx.qtpies@gmail.com - pay using friends or family), Venmo, Zelle,
Post Office or Bank Money orders or personal checks.
The balance (plus any other fees) is owed on or before delivery of your kitten, plus a contract to be signed by both parties
which is required and protects both the buyer and the seller.

SHIPPING: I DO NOT ship my kittens by cargo.
Options for getting your new family member home. Your kitten can: 

  • be picked  up at the Austin Bergstrom Airport
  • be picked up at my home in Cameron, TX
  •  be picked up at another agreed upon location (within a 3 hour drive time from my home)
  • be flown to you in the cabin personally by me

 The cost of transporting your kitten to you personally by me is $1000 

The transportation price of $1000 includes a round trip travel ticket (based on current airline ticket prices),

parking, gas, my time, possible stay overnight if an overnight stay is needed & the pet transortation fee from the airlines.

I DO NOT provide a pet carrier, so please make sure you have one to take your new family member home.